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best lyricist of india

India has a long and rich tradition of poems and songs. It will not be an exaggeration to say that we have produced some of the best lyricist of India who have ever come on earth. Be it Javed Akhtar, Gulzar sahab, or someone like Sahir Ludhianvi, we have so many great lyricists, who have such a wide range of works, that it is virtually impossible to track their greatness.

Still, why not try it? We have listed below the names of some songwriters who have done an amazing job over the years, and who are still working on it. Consequently, we cannot include greats like Anand Bakshi, or Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Now, we have to address the fact, that there have been spots from time to time, especially with the current crop of "artists" who think they revolutionized Indian music with their melody and cringe-worthy lyrics. has brought. But overall we have a rich and colorful history. Here are some songwriters who have contributed greatly to that history. In best lyricist of india. 

Javed Akhtar, Best Lyricist of India

best lyricist of india

Javed Akhtar has been writing since the 70s, an era where screenwriters were not given credit in a film, so naturally, the lyricists were far below the pecking order. When a remarkable poet writes the lyrics of a song, only then it will be publicized. In a long career of almost 5 decades, Javed Akhtar ji has given us some seriously amazing lyrics to some of the most iconic songs. We believe he probably gave us over 1500, or maybe even 1800 songs. However, because crediting struggling writers in the '70s wasn't even an idea, we can't say for sure. In best lyricist of india. 

Sheetla Pandey aka Sameer Anja

best lyricist of india

If you grew up during the 90s and can read, anytime you pick up a cassette case, and read the name of the lyricist of any song, you will always find the line "Sameer Ke Geet". Not only this, there was a joke in which it was said that Sameer's first name was "Lyrics By". Lame jokes aside, Sameer Anjaan has the most credit as a lyricist to his name. As of 2015, he has written lyrics for over 650 Bollywood movies and a total of 3500 songs. As of 2019, he has more than 4000 songs on his account. In best lyricist of india. 


Gulzar sahab has a way with words which is simply mesmerizing. You can't really explain the impact of his songs, they are something you just have to experience. He has been writing songs since 1961. It is a career of almost 60 years. A part of the Progressive Writers Association, Gulzar Sahab has always chosen quality over quantity, and we are really happy for that. Till date, he has written songs for more than 200 films. In best lyricist of india.  

Prasoon Joshi

best lyricist of india

The man who has given us some of the most coveted commercials in India, and who now heads the CBFC, Prasoon Joshi had a short career as a proper lyricist. We really want him to start writing songs again, after his tenure as the chairman of CBFC. Prasoon Joshi was very selective with his projects despite being extremely popular and in high demand. He has written songs for around 50 films in total.

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Irshad Kamilo

best lyricist of india

Next, we have Irshad Kamil. Irshad is a poet who has been writing songs since 2004. Among the current songwriters, he is one of the most sought after songwriters. He started his Bollywood career with Sudhir Mishra's Chameli, so that you can know how capable he is. In best lyricist of india. 

Amitabh Bhattacharya, Best Lyricist of India

best lyricist of india

And finally, we have Amitabh Bhattacharya, one of the most promising lyricists we have today. Although he primarily wanted to be known as a singer, it was his songs that really made a mark for him. He is one of the most celebrated lyricists of all time and has also won the prestigious National Film Awards for his work.In best lyricist of india. Because he debuted in 2008 and has worked mostly with a very close circle, the number of songs he has written is as high. However, we're pretty sure we're seeing her just getting started.

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